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TYTO is italian multi-instrumentalist and composer Beppe Scardino's solo project, or, better said, his zoological alias: the barn owl, tyto alba, a candid nocturnal predator, has been chosen as a symbolic animal.

“未来 MIRAI” is the first album under the moniker of TYTO.


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release date: 21st oct 2022


未来 MIRAI is TYTO’s first release.

In 未来 MIRAI, Scardino used every weapon of his musical arsenal: all his

wind instruments (saxophones, flutes, bass clarinet) and all his electronic instruments (drum machines, synthesizers, samplers, vocoders, string machines) to create nocturnal and mysterious music, postmodern and contemporary, with grooves, weird sounds and beautiful voices.


It's a record about owls and other
animals, about Japan, about dreams, about depression, about inanimate characters, about people we don't like, about personal evaluations and about how at this point we’re screwed.


Adele Altro beautifully sings the album’s single: “Jerks" (embellished by the animated dreamlike video by Alessandro Gaspari).

Adele's vocals are also featured, with a good dose of pitch processing, in "Excessive Empathy", a song in which we try to define that puzzling state of mind we can call depression, and in which we meet some stranger sonic characters: an AI singer, a family of whales, some albatrosses, a couple of spectacled owls, two sperm whales and some unanswered questions.

Valeria Sturba co-wrote the cinematic "Yume-chan" (which boasts a video clip edited by Michael Rotondi with animations by his students from the Brera Art Institute) creating an incredible vocal arrangement.


Valeria also appears in the irreverent and surreal "Mannequin", the unresolved story of a mannequin's sexual attraction towards the cleaning lady.
This song also sees guests Francesco Bigoni on clarinet and Glauco Benedetti on sousaphone. At one point a band of fifes passes by...


Guitarist Gabrio Baldacci appears in the apocalyptic "Minore" with a visionary guitar solo


"Model sound as if it were clay and feel its texture, warmth and weight inside your head. All this can happen (or not) when music begins to experience itself through new paths, in search of sensations lost in time or never experienced before. [...] In conclusion 未来 MIRAI is an example of wonderful experimentation without borders and without a return ticket.[...] An unexpected jewel and perhaps for this reason so overwhelmingly appreciated."

(rockit -

"A true magician in the ways of waveform teamed with a sorcerer of lucid visuals is truly an equation that yields a mind-bending result such as the “Jerks” video!”

(everything is noise -

"Italian multi-instrumentalist Beppe Scardino announces a new album under the moniker of TYTO. ‘未来 MIRAI’ is a very exciting upcoming album by one of the most versatile Italian jazz musician, out October 21st"

(psychedelic baby mag -


"I often fall in love. Musically. On my birthday I receive news of the new album by Tyto, alias behind which Beppe Scardino is hidden, mainly saxophonist but all-round musician and artist who transforms with 未来 MIRAI, always hidden by his owl mask, transforms us into his own and real movie."

(Sodapop webzine -


"[the album] incorporates different styles in an original and colliding amalgam: synth pop versus smooth guitars, electro beats versus romantic new wave, and so on. Scardino was born as a saxophonist, but his instrument appears only once, while everything else happens on this record. Not even half an hour long but an exceptional freestyle."

(il giornale della musica -


"It is in the company of Valeria Sturba that Beppe will go on an excursion, on a magical "Yume-Chan", a moment of sound poetry, a dive that a saxophone will painfully upset."
(a decouvrir absolument -


"Strange object therefore, this album, which pulls in a lot of directions but aiming just every time.”

(esprits critiques -




drawings/animation/editing by
Alessandro Gaspari

Schermata 2022-07-20 alle 12.17.45.png
Schermata 2022-07-20 alle 12.21.24.png
Schermata 2022-07-20 alle 12.19.27.png

YUME-CHAN feat. Valeria Sturba

drawings/animation/editing by the students of Liceo Artistico di Brera, curated by:
Michael Rotondi


JERKS live

at JambonaLab recording studio, Livorno
filmed and directed by Elena Cappanera





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~ BIO ~

"Extremely versatile baritone saxophonist, bass clarinetist and composer, Beppe Scardino has been for a decade a central figure in the most creative Italian jazz scene"
(Angelo Leonardi - All about jazz, 2015)

Eclectic musician with multiple interests, multi-instrumentalist but known for the baritone saxophone, Beppe Scardino has performed more or less every musical genre.

He began his career working mainly in the jazz field: 3 albums as a bandleader, many illustrious collaborations and concerts in the main european festivals of the genre, becoming a prominent figure on the Italian jazz scene.

During this period he had always continued to collaborate with artists of all genres and musical backgrounds - from pop to afro-tuareg music - but since the mid-10s he felt the need for a real change of scenery, which will happen quickly, helped in particular by the collaboration with the Italian funk band, Calibro 35.

Currently he is quite in demand in the italian scene, working, both as an instrumentalist (saxophones, flute, bass clarinet) and as an arranger, with artists such as: Diodato, Calibro 35, Tommaso Colliva, Elisa, Daniele Silvestri, Max Gazzè, Judi Jackson, The Jaded Hearts Club, Mace, Joan Thiele, FASK, The Zen Circus, Bobo Rondelli, Enrico Gabrielli, Dellera, The Winstons, John De Leo, to name a few.

Collaborator for years of trombonist Gianluca Petrella, member of drummer Bobby Previte’s trio Plutino, he has played and recorded with the likes of Tim Berne, Amiri Baraka, Sadiq Bey, Pee Wee Ellis, Bombino, the tuareg group Tartit, Rob Mazurek.

He has released 3 records as a bandleader/composer, of entirely his compositions: the first two with the sextet Orange Room (el gallo rojo records) and the third with a tentet named BS10 (auand).

He is a member of the bands: C'Mon Tigre, Dinamitri Jazz Folklore, L'Orchestrino, with whom he performs regularly.

In 2019 he adopted an owl-like moniker: TYTO. After a couple of performances held in art galleries and art exibitions in which he explored the concept of time using multiple midi-triggering metronomes, TYTO released its first album in 2022: 未来 MIRAI.

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